Outlook, delegate and FB lookup

I just had another issue with some users in regards of Free/Busy data. The issue, which was reported was that the user is not able to lookup F/B data for some people.

Well normaly this happens when users are smart and start playing with their proxy settings, which breaks their HTTP related traffic.

But this case turned-out to be more interesting….

The user had only on some meetings issues to retrieve F/B data. But when he created a new MR he was able to do so. Also when someone, from whom he wasn’t able to get the data, invited him, he was able.

After some time and several troubleshooting steps like:

  • proxy settings
  • DNS
  • authentication
  • AV and firewall
  • creating new profile

I ended up in enabling advanced logging in Outlook to see what’s going on. Lucky me, we still had the possibility to use Outlook 2010, where the logs are still readable without having them decoded by Microsoft.

There is one thing to mention. In all cases where the issue occured, he always could see F/B data for the organizer. Only for all the other attendees Outlook immidiately showed the beloved hash marks

I looked at the logs for F/B request (date-time-fb.log) and could confirm that in the request only data for the organizer were requested.

So the issue wasn’t really on server side, which means for me back to all the meetings….after some time I figured-out that all those broken meetings had one thing in common:

The user had a delegate and he also checked the option “Delegate receives copies of meeting-related messages sent to me” and all of the meetings has been accepted by the delegate.

Thanks to Marc J. (the preferred PFE!;-)) pointing me to the right KB article:


I verified the KB and everything got back to normal.

So I verfied the settings mentioned in the article, changed them and everything started to work as expected.


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