Exchange Active Sync settings command, PrimarySmtpAddress and Autodiscover web.config

I don’t know if a lot of people run into those issues described in KB3011892 and KB3012580, which ends in confusion by end-users and maybe a high volume of tickets for your helpdesk.

Note: This affects Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013!

How does it looks like? Well, first it looks okay when you provide all needed information


but then it looks like this(have a look at the “Description”)


Okay, “” is not really my PrimarySmtpAddress…but there are good news:

This is now fixed in Exchange 2010 SP3 RU9 and Exchange 2013 CU8, but therefore another thing is broken….

The latest updates containing a lot of fixes and also new features. One of them is the following:

Smoother migration for EAS clients to O365 with automatic profile redirect upon successful Hybrid migration to O365 (EAS client must support HTTP 451 redirect)

Which might causing the new issue for Android devices described in KB3035227. But this is just guessing and may be a coincidence.

Nevertheless you might need to edit the web.config file for Autodiscover on all servers where CAS role is installed. Otherwise your users won’t be happy using an Android device.

Next step is now to check if this really affects only Android devices and find a way to get this somehow automated. It’s okay to do it in 2 or 3 servers, but what when you have 20-30?

I’ll keep you updated.

Update 20.03.2015:

I’ve created a little script, which is doing the job for you. You can either search and modify the files on servers in a given AD-site or on all. The script always create a backup in the directory. You can download the script here:


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