Office 365 retrospection

Last week I attended Office 365 Engage conference in Haarlem. This event took place in the Philharmonie, which is really a breathtaking location.


Anyhow the location was well-selected. I arrived by plane on Tuesday morning and for 5€ I got a relaxing ride with the public transportation almost directly to the event.

The event itself contained a lot of tracks to satisfy all kind of attendee’s interests:

  • Azure Infrastructure
  • Exchange Online
  • Office 365 Administration
  • Office 365 Development
  • Sharepoint Online

Across all tracks you got very detailed information and a lot of real-life experience from people across the globe. There were a lot of MVPs and MCMs sharing their knowledge and tips&tricks. In every break there were good discussions and people shared and exchanged their knowledge and daily experience. Besides this networking was made easy with good food&snacks and no one had to go to bed thirsty.

Overall I think this conference brings back the balance to in terms of location of technical conferences. This conference is a good alternative to the conferences like IT/Dev Connections or Ignite in Europe. It is easy to get there and the technical information you get is very valuable. Outstanding the options to find new connections and spent some time in the evening in an ancient city.

I’m looking forward to #O365Engage2018.


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