Import code from GitHub

In our daily work as administrator, we use a lot of functions and PowerShell scripts. At least friends, teammates and a lot in the community does.

Now GitHub is a place were a huge amount of code is being made available and I was wondering:

Why not have them imported on-the-fly?

Why would you import code?

Well, why not? Just kidding…

I mentioned this several times: I’m super lazy and as soon as I have repeatable tasks or procedures, I try to get things somehow automated and simplified. This was one of the main reasons, why I wrote my script for debugging calendar related issues Get-CalendarItems.ps1.

In our daily work as administrator, we often using several PowerShell modules and I’m sure a lot of admins have a collection of scripts and functions. In the last months, I tend to move forward and started customizing my PowerShell profile to have certain code available right away. One demand I had, was to import code from GitHub.

How to do it?

You can always copy code from your own or a forked repository and add it to your profile, local collection or current PowerShell.

This has some caveats:

  • outdated code
  • manual effort
  • copy and paste….error prone

Therefore I wrote a function, which imports PowerShell code using the RAW link of the code. Scripts will be imported as functions, while functions as they are.

Here an example for each:

Import the script AnalyzeSendAsAuditData.ps1 from Tony’s repository

ImportFunction-FromGit -Url -Verbose

Import my helper functions. I’m using every day

ImportFunction-FromGit -Url -AlreadyFunction -Verbose

You can find the function on GitHub (of course!) here.


I hope this is useful for some of you. Feedback is always welcome!

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