I started late in the year 2003 with IT. Nevertheless I got hooked when I achieved my first certification MCSE 2000. Since then I’m trying to keep up with technology and certifications.

My best training and highest certification I earned in 2012/2013, when I attended the last Exchange 2010 Microsoft Certified Master rotation. You can find my transcript here:

Transcript ID:983580
Access Code:Txasfzl8

Currently I’m working for a world leader in enterprise software and software-related services. I’m part of the Exchange team, but I’m also focused on other topics like AD, Network, Direct Access etc.

My motivation is to give something back to the community as I’m always happy to find some tips and tricks provided by someone.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Clueless guy: you have help me out before with Calendar history using your script was great. Got to where an S on my chest “Thank you”. Your help was highly appreciated. Now I am working on a script I found to redirect Folders & files to OneDrive for business. The script works fine but I need to get some robust error checking and export the information to a log file. Could you help me out. As you know I am learning PowerShell


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