Query Office 365 Service Communication API

Recently I had the need to gather some detailed information about an ongoing service degradation.

I remebered fellow MVP Vasil Michev and his blog post here. I like the fact that we now have an insight how many users are affected.

MVP Frank Carius wrote a more detailed post about the API here.

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PowerShell and bit field attributes

A while ago I wrote a script, which helps me troubleshooting calendar issues:

Troubleshooting calendar items

Lately I wanted to improve the script and needed to translate two properties. These properties reflect what action a user has taken on and how a meeting object has changed:

Both properties are specified by a bit field.

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Get Exchange server via LDAP

Sometimes you want to get Exchange server objects from AD without having the need to install management tools. For those cases the option to get your objects with just a search using LDAP is your friend.

A simple filter will return all existing Exchange server:


But what when you want server with a specific role in a specific AD site?

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