When OOF makes you hit EXO limits and you’re blocked from receiving emails

I recently came across something you might also run into at this time of the year or when a company wide announcement needs to be made via e-mail and the sender is in Exchange Online:

A person sent some season’s greetings, which results into being blocked by EXO as a limit was reached (you can find more about these limits here). My first thought was something like sending e.g.: 10.000 messages per day or too many recipients, but it turned out to be something different.

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Query Office 365 Service Communication API

Recently I had the need to gather some detailed information about an ongoing service degradation.

I remebered fellow MVP Vasil Michev and his blog post here. I like the fact that we now have an insight how many users are affected.

MVP Frank Carius wrote a more detailed post about the API here.

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What is uploadReadAheadSize?

During a migration to Exchange 2013 several users started complaining about intermediate connectivity issues.

After some investigation I still had no clear picture of the issue. The users had in general no connectivity problems, but they got sometimes errors (e.g.: failed authentication, request could not be completed). And this not in a consistent way.

Some reported issues in Outlook and some on a mobile device using an app. When I heard about the mobile apps, my first thought was maybe an Exchange ActiveSync issue. But the apps on the mobile devices were using EWS.

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Get-DatabaseEvent: Who deleted my items?

I just had an incident, where items got deleted. Of course, the affected person was a VIP and so I had to investigate the incident with high priority.

What happend?

The first issue was that items vanished from a shared mailbox. One day later items in the mailbox of the assistant also disappeared.

Due to all the issues in the past with mobile devices (and I knew they were using a lot of mobile devices), my first thought was those might caused the issue.

The challenge was not to get the items back (thanks to Single Item Recovery!). It was more to clearly identify the client, which deleted the items.

Thank Exchange PG for the CmdLet Get-DatabasEvent!

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