Get-IISStats: Updated version available

Over the last months a lot of changes needed to be addressed. The script was intended to extract data from the IIS logs. With PowerShell in combination with LogParser it did a great job. But different versions of Exchange, changed infrastructure and multiple versions of Exchange ActiveSync protocol demanded an update to fulfill these needs.

The latest version focused on code improvement and added support for the new version of Exchange ActiveSync protocol v16.1 .

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Exchange Active Sync settings command, PrimarySmtpAddress and Autodiscover web.config

I don’t know if a lot of people run into those issues described in KB3011892 and KB3012580, which ends in confusion by end-users and maybe a high volume of tickets for your helpdesk.

Note: This affects Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013!

How does it looks like? Well, first it looks okay when you provide all needed information


but then it looks like this(have a look at the “Description”)


Okay, “” is not really my PrimarySmtpAddress…but there are good news:

This is now fixed in Exchange 2010 SP3 RU9 and Exchange 2013 CU8, but therefore another thing is broken….

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