What is uploadReadAheadSize?

During a migration to Exchange 2013 several users started complaining about intermediate connectivity issues.

After some investigation I still had no clear picture of the issue. The users had in general no connectivity problems, but they got sometimes errors (e.g.: failed authentication, request could not be completed). And this not in a consistent way.

Some reported issues in Outlook and some on a mobile device using an app. When I heard about the mobile apps, my first thought was maybe an Exchange ActiveSync issue. But the apps on the mobile devices were using EWS.

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Hardening SSL/TLS and Outlook for Mac

As part of hardening of servers, which publish services and in times of Poodle, you might want to disable SSL (if not already done). You can test your client here and your server/service endpoint here.

Most likely you already disabled SSL on your server, but if not:

Can you do it right away?

Of course you can do it right away. Is there a caveat? It depends….

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Troubleshooting Autodiscover

There are often problems reported by users related to connectivity or you just setup your lab and want to know if you configured everything correct. But even when you double-checked and everything looks okay you might want to see what Autodiscover returns for a given user. Maybe not only for a given user, maybe just the result from one specific server or when you have larger environments from servers within a specific AD site.

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