SourcePrincipalMappingException: Tombstoned AccessRights

Recently we stumbled across some issues, while migrating mailboxes to Exchange Online. Not sure whether the kind of RecipientTypeDetails matters, but we see that permissions for mailboxes get completely stripped off. Of course this causes major trouble as users won’t be able accessing the mailbox.

We currently have a case open and trying to identify the root cause, but for now we are trying to avoid invalid entries as it seems to be related to.

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OAuth: Get-AccessToken

Since everything is shifting towards cloud, folks are looking more and more into possibilities and how cloud features can be incorporated into products.

One crucial topic is all around Authentication and Authorization. OAuth is the most used word in the past month,when I was approached by developers and they wanted to access somehow Exchange related data. I realized that many people having problems writing their code and usually we get blamed that we haven’t registered an application correctly in Azure AD.

Thus it’s on us to prove everything is okay and therefore I wrote a simple script for testing several scenarios in an easy way to make sure everything is configured correctly and you’re able to retrieve tokens.

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Query Office 365 Service Communication API

Recently I had the need to gather some detailed information about an ongoing service degradation.

I remebered fellow MVP Vasil Michev and his blog post here. I like the fact that we now have an insight how many users are affected.

MVP Frank Carius wrote a more detailed post about the API here.

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